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I'm a woman who likes androgyny a bit too much and who answers to the name Tupsu. I also like making up theories and analyzing everything to death and that's where the name for this lj comes from.

I love many things, books, fanfiction, comics and videogames, and am a complete NERD. Way too into Harry Potter? Check. Lotr? Check. Xena? Check. Buffy? Check. (Old school) Final Fantasys? Check. Mass Effect? Check.

I have a habit of causing tl;dr - this profile being an expection some unknown reason.

I like making friends and friending policy is "FRIEND AWAY RIGHT NOW" if there's anything that catches your eye. Dropping a note and telling why is allowed, but not expected. Nothing fandom related is f-locked though so stalk away if you want.


I've been a (lurking) part of fandoms over five years now. I'm mad about Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter because I like to cling to my childhood like that. Recently I've fallen completely in love with Sherlock (bbc) and NCIS and I've just found the awesomeness that is Buffy. I do usually support the most annoying/popular/insane pairings, but I think of myself as a sane shipper (read: Axel/Roxas is fucked up as hell and that's why I like it).

I don't mind getting lost in unfamiliar territory i.e. new ships and fandoms and opinions are always welcomed. Really. If there's a ship that's twisted and unhealthy and reccable - rec it!

fanfiction is stored at kryptinen and
fanart (and occasional originality) at dA
other musings and random glimpses of life at theoriesontales

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